Summary of the SiN AGM 2021

Saturday, November 27th the annual general meeting of SiN was held at the University of Bergen.

Here, 9 member organizations became 10, when the AGM voted unanimously for the inclusion of NHHdoc, the newly formed doctoral organization at NHH. In addition, PhD-forum ØUC at Østfold University College was voted in as an affiliate member, with a change to full membership when the ØUC’s first PhD program will be established.

Our keynote external speaker was Prof. Rune Krumsvik (UiB), who presented the ongoing research project on the impact COVID has on doctoral training.

The new SiN board, which will take over starting January 2021 was elected by the AGM, from 16 nominees, filling the 9 board positions. Below follows a list of the elected SiN board for 2022:

President: Nicolas Gibney (NHHdoc)

Vice President: Sanja Kovacevic (UISDC)

Treasurer: Yauhen Yakimenka (UiBdoc)

UHR representative: Chris Magnussen (UiBdoc)

Events officer: Anna Piterskaya (UiOdoc)

General Communications: Johanne Berge Kalsaas (UiBdoc)

Social Media Manager: Siamak Karimi (DION)

Webmaster: Andrea Vallejo Vargas (SODOC)

EuroDoc Liason: Friedrieke Schäfer (DION)

In addition, the advisory board 2022 was elected consisting of these members from the SiN 2021 board:

President Margret Veltman

Communications and social media manager Camilla Holm Soelseth

Webmaster Bikal Ghimire

the AGM also discussed the topic of internationalization and input for a draft for a new official position on internationalization was given.

More information will be published later, both here and specifically to all member organizations by e-mail.

the current board wants to thank UiBdoc for hosting the AGM at their institution and looks forward to passing on the torch to the new board in January 2022 when the transition seminar between the old and new board will happen.