Open call for SiN board 2022 nominations

SiN in as an umbrella organization for interest organizations for PhDs and Postdocs at Norwegian higher educational institutions. 

SiN will hold its annual general meeting (AGM) on November 27th, where the new SiN board will be elected for the year 2022. We are looking for anyone interested in contributing to working with issues related to PhDs and postdocs nationally. Are you interested?

The role of a board member

Board members partake in monthly meetings to discuss relevant issues and challenges PhDs and Postdocs in Norway face, as well as working on improving work and research conditions continuously. We work closely with all our member organizations to best represent the joint interests of them all.

The time spent doing SiN duties varies between the different board positions, and there is a lot of room for flexibility in how much effort you would like to put into it. However, we compensate the board members accordingly, giving an incentive to be engaged in SiN activities.

Board positions up for election

Description of each board position and more about being part of the SiN board can be found in this document.


Please contact us, and we will pass your request on to the delegates of the AGM for proper nomination.