Annual General Meeting 2018

The annual meeting of Fellowship Organizations in Norway (SiN) was organized in cooperation with PhDForum at OsloMet-Storby University in Oslo, May 25, 2018. Participants from member organizations discussed the activities for the period 2018-2019 and the strategy for the future period.

A new board was chosen consisting of:

President Eirik Myrvoll-Nilsen (UiT)
Vice-President Enrico Riccardi (NTNU)
Treasurer Dipesh Sigdel (UiT)

General board members:
Edgar Lopez-Rojas (NTNU)
Aleksander Hykkerud (NMBU)
Vladimir Levchenko (UiO)
Annette Vogt Hauger (OsloMet)
Muhammad Ahmed Tauqeer (UiS)
Besmir Tola (NTNU)
Charlotte Weber (UiT)

Deputy members:

Arsenii Zabirnyk (UiO)
Abhilash Nair (NMBU)

For more details, please look into our official stipendiat statement (Norwegian):



The annual general meeting (AGM) of SiN will take place at the OsloMet on Friday 25th of May 2018.

The AGM will be preceded by a workshop on the 24th May with representations from our member Universities and affiliated bodies presenting their role as an interest organisation for doctoral students in Norway.

Detailed Agenda and Plan could be found here.

EuroDoc 2018 – SiN Delegation READY

The annual edition of the Eurodoc Conference will be held on April 18-19 in Tampere, Finland. The event will focus on the challenges of research careers and employment. The delegation from SiN is all geared up to attend the conference. The event would be followed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Eurodoc. SiN being a national organisation, our board members will be the official representatives of the Ph.D and early-stage researchers of Norway at the Eurodoc AGM. 

Read more about it in the link here .

Hearing Reply – Regulations on appointment for the position of Associate professor and Professor

SiN has recently replied to a hearing on regulations about the appointment to the position of Associate Professor and Professor. The new regulation puts a higher emphasis on the ‘competence in teaching’ as criteria for the recruitment. SiN supports that competence beyond the minimum requirement should count as the position of associate professor/professor is usually a position where the time spent between research and teaching is distributed to 50% each. However, SiN also suggests that in order to make it fair and practical; candidates should be given the opportunity to acquire and demonstrate this competence through an academic career path.

Click read more for our full hearing reply (in Norwegian), or see the pdf document here.

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Setting up of UiBdoc in Bergen

After months of constant efforts, SiN board feels accomplished with the creation of the Association of Doctoral students at University of Bergen (UiBdoc). During our last meeting, SiN board members teamed up with a highly enthusiastic representation from the doctoral students of UiB; overseeing the creation of the first official UiBdoc board. The main activates involved a detailed discussion on the preliminary draft of the UiBdoc constitution, organizing the official election of the board members and an informal discussion with the newly elected board sharing our personal experiences working as a member of the local interest organization. After the successful meeting at Bergen, SiN is eagerly looking forward to welcoming a new member to our group.

SiN efforts at University of Bergen

The board members of SiN organized an informative session at the University of Bergen about setting up an interest organization for Ph.D and Postdocs. The significant turnout at the sessions demonstrated an overwhelming enthusiasm among the Ph.D students UiB. This was followed by an interactive session with the Ph.D and Postdocs of UiB. As an umbrella organization of the ITM’s for Universities in Norway, SiN is fully committed to provide all possible assistance to the doctoral students of UiB to oversee their own interest organization take shape.

Updated hearing reply – calculation of seniority for Ph.Ds

SiN has recently submitted an updated reply to hearing from Kunnskapsdepartementet, dated May 11th, 2017 regarding changes in the rules concerning the calculation of seniority of Ph.D. fellows. SiN has presented its support to alternative 1 of Proposition C, if the calculated seniority of the Ph.D. students is increased to two years instead of one. Click read more for our full hearing reply (in Norwegian), or see the pdf document here. The English translation can be provided on request.

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Hearing reply – calculation of seniority for PhDs

SiN recently answered a hearing reply for the regulations regarding the new law for state employees (forskrift til lov om statens ansatte). In the regulations the government want to reduce the accrued seniority for PhDs to one year regardless of how much work they’ve put towards finishing it. In our hearing reply we argue to continue the current practice where a 3 year PhD will give you 3 years of seniority, and a 4 year PhD will give you 4 years of seniority. Click read more for our full hearing reply (in Norwegian), or see the pdf document here. Partial translation can be done upon request.

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