Mental Fitness Workshop with Forskerforbundet and SiN

Forskerforbundet in cooperation with SiN, invites PhDs and PostDocs to an online Mental Fitness Workshop on the 15th of November from 16.00-19:00.

This workshop will

  • Build community and connection – for this reason, you’re asked to be fully present with your camera on for all breakout room discussions and for the majority of the event.
  • Provide practical tools and insights to PhDs & PostDocs struggling with overthinking, imposter syndrome, stress management, or feeling stuck.

Key topics:

  • Identify stuck thought patterns & explore their impact
  • Learn about how to build your mental fitness muscles
  • Learn tools to respond to life’s challenges from a positive mindset

Sounds interesting? Register here:

The workshop is developed and facilitated by the founder of Sturdy Coaching AS, Elizabeth Sturdy, who provides mindset coaching and mental fitness training to internationals and professionals in Norway. Her work is based on Co-Active and Positive Intelligence (PQ) Coach Training, ten years as an educator, and her experience with burnout and mental health struggles while living in Norway.