Digital communication that works!

SiN in cooperation with Forskerforbundet is pleased to invite you to the workshop “Digital communication that works!” on 14th of September at 16.15.

Digital communication demands more of both you and your audience. You must be quicker and more precise because it is difficult to keep the attention through the screen. Therefore, structure, variety, and involvement become important keywords.

This course will give you tools and tips on how to become clearer and more engaging when you communicate digitally.

How do you best prepare for digital meetings and presentations?
How do you make people interested in your message?
How do you create psychological safety and room for dialogue?
What can create noise and steal attention from your message?
How do you keep the audience interested and create engagement in the digital meetings?

Sounds interesting? Then use this link to sign-up until the 13th of September.

This workshop will be held by Vibeke Holtskog, who is a language teacher and rhetorician. Since 2009, she has specialized in giving courses, lectures and workshops covering the subjects of communication, dissemination and rhetoric.
Vibeke became a published author in 2018 with the book “Formidling som funker”. Her newest book, “Digital formidling som funker” was released in August 2021.