Eurodoc 2017 – Open Science

In collaboration with UiODoc, the Association of Doctoral Organisations in Norway (SiN) is hosting the Eurodoc 2017 conference titled “Open Science – Challenges and Opportunities for Early Career Researchers” at the University of Oslo. On behalf of The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, we would like to invite everyone interested in science to be part of a discussion to help shape the future of scientific practice. PhD candidates and postdocs from sponsoring universities get free entry to the conference.

Communicative approaches shape the scientific practice itself.

Open Science means allowing everyone free access to research results. Science must become more accessible, inclusive, transparent, collaborative and cost-effective for it to thrive. Peer-review processes, scientific journals and articles repositories are the main structures that will need to be redesigned to welcome the Open Science innovation in a functional and sustainable way. Researchers of every field, as continuous contributors to the development of science, can increase their scientific outcome via more effective publishing strategies. The Eurodoc 2017 conference themed “Open Science – Challenges and Opportunities for Early Career Researchers” will provide great insight to the processes behind open access science, highlighting the advantages, risks and problems involved with Open Science.

Our speakers will provide a close look at the problems of today’s scientific communication, and explore how Open Science offers ways to overcome issues of inequality, research integrity and results reproducibility. Careful attention will be given to the relevance of Open Science for day-to-day working conditions of early career researchers, and which concrete steps can be taken by decision-makers and individual researchers to promote Open Science. The presented measures will have immediate implications for individual researchers and will help contribute solving global challenges.

Eurodoc ( is the voice of 32 national PhD organisations at a European level and annually hosts conferences on issues pertaining to early stage researchers. Guided by the theme “Open Science – Challenges and Opportunities for Early Career Researchers”, the conference of 2017 will bring together a blend of Open Science visionaries, international experts and stakeholders. As a long-standing Eurodoc member, SiN ( is a proud organiser of the Eurodoc 2017 conference in Oslo.

The conference will take place between 26-27 April 2017 at the University of Oslo in auditorium 1 of Helga Engs Hus. The full conference program with a list of speakers and the agenda can be found at

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