Eurodoc working groups are looking for new members!

Here you can find more information about working groups, meetings and become a member

WG Doctoral training working group

This WG focuses on everything that has to do with the quality of doctoral training. This year the focus will be on how to define doctoral education, and what the scope of it is.

WG Career development

This working group focuses on things that have to do with the career of early career researchers. This includes how research is assessed, equal opportunities, mobility between sectors and many other things.

WG Employment conditions and welfare

This WG focuses on employment and employment conditions of doctoral candidates and early career researchers. This year the working group will look at the postdoc survey and what reasonable working conditions for doctoral candidates and early career researchers mean. 

WG Open science

This working group focuses on advocating policy recommendations for higher education and research stakeholders in Europe on how to change the academic culture towards a more open science one.

WG Research and Society

This working group focuses on the role research plays in society and the role society plays in research. This includes research integrity, and academic freedom but is of course not limited to this. 

WG Mental health

This working group focuses on advocating policy recommendations for higher education and research stakeholders in Europe on how to improve the mental wellbeing and the work-life balance of Early career researchers.

How to sign up for the new WG mailing lists

Eurodoc has 6 working groups that are open for all Early career researchers and doctoral candidates affiliated with one or more of the members (national associations) of Eurodoc to join. In some cases it is even possible for others to join these working groups as well.

Each working group has an email list. Here, the working groups can keep in touch between meetings, such as calling for any additional smaller meetings and sharing information of interest to its members.

If you wish to be added to the new email lists for any of the working groups please sign up through this link.

Calendar Fall 2022

DateWG meetingsFor whom
28th, (Wed) 18.00-20.00WG EmploymentZoom link
3rd (Mon) 19.00-21.00WG Mental Health Zoom link
5th (Wed) 17.00-19.00WG Career development Zoom link
13th (Thurs) 18.00-20.00WG Doctoral trainingZoom link
TBDWG Research and SocietyZoom link
TBDWG Open ScienceZoom link
15th (Tuesday) 18.00-20.00WG EmploymentZoom link
21st (Mon) 18.00-20.00WG Doctoral trainingZoom link
23rd (Wed) 16.00-18.00WG Open ScienceZoom link
30th (Wed)  17.00-19.00WG Career development *Zoom link
12th (Mon) 19.00-21.00WG Mental Health Zoom link
WG Research and SocietyZoom link