EUROdoc Conference and AGM 2021 coming up in July!


Eurodoc is the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. Each year they hold a conference open to all PhDs, Postdocs, and other junior researchers, covering many important topics. This year’s theme is “Improving Doctoral Training in Europe”, with a session on COVID-19’s effects on the doctoral education.

This year will be hybrid and it is possible to participate online.  Check out the program here and register by July 9th.


EURODOC is holding their annual general meeting right after the conference. Here, the new board will be elected. Everyone interested can nominate themselves for a board position, or as a member in one of the working groups. Below you will find information on the different positions that are up for election this year.

Please contact SiN at if you would be interested in a board position or a position in one of the working groups of EURODOC, and we will forward your interest to EURODOC.

This year’s election is for these positions:

President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, General Board Members, Secretariat-Coordinator, Financial Controller, Policy Officer, Legal Officer, Data Manager, Skills Officer, EOSC Officer, Council of Europe Officer, BFUG Officer, External Communication Coordinator, Social Media Officer, Newsletter Officer, Language Officer, Webmaster, Working Group Coordinators.

It is also possible to become a member and work on one of the following working groups:

Democracy-Sustainability, Doctoral Training, Equality, Finance, Governance, Employment & Careers, Interdisciplinary, Mental Health, Mobility, Open Science, Policy Research, and Research Integrity and Assessment.