Change of dates for SIN AGM

The SIN board in its meeting held on 4th/feb/2020 agreed to change the dates for the Annual General meeting from 7th &8th May. The new dates for the AGM will be 14th and 15th of may 2020 and the new venue will be University of Bergen. Local organisations are reminded to send atleast two (2) representatives to the AGM.

we also remind all local organisations that the SIN AGM is an important event where all information about the organisation is communicated. Please save the dates and be apart of this important event.

Current Topical discussions

The SiN board had the pleasure to physically meet up in NTNU on 16th Nov 2019 and discussed a couple of issues affecting PhD students in Norway. among the topics discussed was

  1. Career outside academia- with a focus on how and where do students end up after life as a PhD. What employment careers do they end up in?- Research, teaching, innovation etc. This Topic is important for both researchers and continuing PhD students since it captures the impact of research on innovation which is the current most hot literature debate today.
  2. Open Science- How we communicate science is very important since everything we do is based on science.
  3. Career inside academia- what should be the focus for PhD students planning to stay inside academia? can you research, publish, present findings, and how can your research contribute to innovation or impact society
  4. Life as a PhD- what are the enablers for success to a PhD student? How does the learning environment impact on the PhD completion rate in Norwegian Universities.
  5. Gender and equality- This topic analyses issues of transparency in recruitment and seeks to address gender and diversity issues for PhD students in Norway.

we encourage local organisations to provide more support on the above topics, the discussions are open and on going.