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Dear Local Organizations,

Stipendiatorganisasjonene i Norge (SiN) is a joint committee of local organisations for doctoral and postdoctoral candidates at Norwegian universities and university colleges. SiN is a network promoting contacts between its member organisations and expressing joint opinions on political issues concerning education and research. More information about our organisation can be found at our website:

SiN bridgen local organizations with European young researcher organizations (EuroDoc), providing an unique arena to learn and engage in strategic aspects of National (and international) relevance, too often neglected by institutes.We thus hope to involve a ‘new generation’ of board members that will continue SiN activities with fresh energies and ideas.

SiN has been active in several different strategic areas in regards to PhD education: Career Development inside Academia, Career Development outside Academia, Open Science & Open Access, Mobility, Mental Health & Well-being and Equality.  In most of these areas, we have initiated studies, engaged in local and national discussion and individually supported PhDs and Post Docs. More information can be found here:

SiN is organising its annual general meeting (AGM) along with a workshop on how to run an organisation with and for PhDs on the 11th of September (Friday) at the University of Oslo. We would like to invite two delegates appointed by your organisation to participate in our annual general meeting and workshop. Travel expenses and accommodation for up to two nights or a total of 4,000kr will be covered for each delegate. Observers are highly welcomed.

At the AGM, we will present our activities and our annual report and there will be nomination and election for the various board positions of SiN. These positions can be found on our website. Since women have been underrepresented in SiN for the last couple of years we highly encourage women to run for board positions and would like to encourage our member organisations to send more female representatives to the AGM.

To make the workshop discussions as productive as possible we suggest that the topics included in the working group ( are discussed internally in your organisation beforehand. At the end of the meeting, support to the new board members will be provided to promote the continuity of SiN activities.

Preliminary agenda:

Thursday 10th of September – Welcome dinner

18:00-xxx Welcome dinner, informal presentation of SiN members and activities.

Friday 11th of September – AGM:

9.00 – 10:00 Welcome and opening of the meeting. Introductions.

10-00 – 12.00 Working group introduction and discussions.

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break

13:00 – 13:30 Welcome and introductions. Elect leader and secretary of the AGM. Elect voting committee.

13:30 – 15.00 Presentation of annual report, Presentation of treasurer’s report, Presentation of board positions.

15.00 – 15.30 Coffee break and discussions.

15:30 – 16.00 Election of new SiN board.

16.00 – 17.00 Board transition meeting. Strategic discussion and future plans of SiN.

Please REGISTER to the AGM via this link, either as a Representative (max two for each local organization) or an Observer (no voting rights and no travel support):

A more precise calendar and the actual place of the meetings will be disclosed some weeks prior to the AGM.

I will be present and available on Thursday evening (10th Sept) , all Friday (11th Sept) and even Saturday (12th Sept) morning, if needed, for further discussions.

I wish you all a great summer and I very much hope to see you at the AGM,

With my very best regards, Mvh,

Enrico Riccardi ( Sin President)

Status Update

Greetings from the Stipendiat i Norge team, The COVID-19 situation has pararised most of the tasks for this year causing continued postponding of activities. our AGM is one of those that was affected by the situation and we thought it was relevant for us to have it as a physical meeting and not online. The team has therefore agreed to postpone the AGM to September on a date that will be communicated in August depending on how the current situation unfolds. We look forward to meeting the new members from each local organisation.

we have developed on going surveys concerning pertinent research topics like, Career outside academia, these surveys will soon be published and we request that you spread them to all former and current PhD students for their feedback.

Keep Safe

Change of dates for SIN AGM

The SIN board in its meeting held on 4th/feb/2020 agreed to change the dates for the Annual General meeting from 7th &8th May. The new dates for the AGM will be 14th and 15th of may 2020 and the new venue will be University of Bergen. Local organisations are reminded to send atleast two (2) representatives to the AGM.

we also remind all local organisations that the SIN AGM is an important event where all information about the organisation is communicated. Please save the dates and be apart of this important event.

Current Topical discussions

The SiN board had the pleasure to physically meet up in NTNU on 16th Nov 2019 and discussed a couple of issues affecting PhD students in Norway. among the topics discussed was

  1. Career outside academia- with a focus on how and where do students end up after life as a PhD. What employment careers do they end up in?- Research, teaching, innovation etc. This Topic is important for both researchers and continuing PhD students since it captures the impact of research on innovation which is the current most hot literature debate today.
  2. Open Science- How we communicate science is very important since everything we do is based on science.
  3. Career inside academia- what should be the focus for PhD students planning to stay inside academia? can you research, publish, present findings, and how can your research contribute to innovation or impact society
  4. Life as a PhD- what are the enablers for success to a PhD student? How does the learning environment impact on the PhD completion rate in Norwegian Universities.
  5. Gender and equality- This topic analyses issues of transparency in recruitment and seeks to address gender and diversity issues for PhD students in Norway.

we encourage local organisations to provide more support on the above topics, the discussions are open and on going.

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