Follow-up survey: The effects of COVID-19 on early-career researchers

“NB: We have extended the deadline until April 30th!”

In Fall 2020, SiN conducted a nationwide survey on the effect of the pandemic on PhDs and postdocs in Norway. The results were staggering: Our report following the survey documented significant delays and a severe lack of follow-up from institutions.

Two years after Norway shut down, the effects of the pandemic are still impacting the country’s next generation of researchers. Several of the people SiN represents have recently spoken up about the unprecedented challenges involved in trying to complete a PhD in the wake of COVID-19. SiN strongly believes it is time to follow up on our 2020 survey and take stock of the current situation.

Our follow-up survey will provide an updated map of PhD candidates’, Postdocs’ and other early-career researchers’ experiences in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey will provide important leverage in SiN’s work to ensure that employers, public authorities, and decision-makers are addressing the challenges and problems that are important for young researchers’ careers.

The survey has been distributed to all our member organizations, who will further distribute it among their local PhDs and postdocs. We encourage everyone to participate, to ensure that the survey mirrors the interests and opinions of all early-career researchers in Norway.

In addition to providing crucial input enabling SiN to effectively respond to the interests and concerns of our members, participants in the survey have the chance to win gift cards from Akademika – Norway’s leading bookstore for academic literature. 3 gift cards à 500 NOK will be awarded through random selection.

We ask our members to fill in the survey by April 5 (an extended deadline 30th).

Your answers matter, regardless of if you have participated in previous surveys. The survey is anonymous (ca. 10-15 min). SiN thanks you in advance for your kindness!

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“NB: We have extended the deadline until April 24th!”